Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Conversations with Audrey

In the store recently:

Audrey: [Picture Audrey's arms around my neck] I love you mom!
Me: I love you too.
Audrey: I'm going to miss you so much.
Me: Where am I going?
Audrey: Will you marry me?
Me: This is getting very Freudian


In the distraction and fury created by the talk I had to give in sacrament meeting, I missed some important details...
Audrey's and my conversation as I realized she was walking into the church foyer carrying a plate with a ginormous cinnamon roll and a fork.
Me: Audrey, you may not carry your breakfast with you into Sacrament meeting.
Audrey: But I'm hungry!!!
Matt: This is so embarrassing!!
Me to Nathan: You handle this. I'm going to sit on the stand.


Me: Audrey, your skin is getting so brown for summer!
Audrey: I don't want to be brown! I want to be beige!

Conversations with Audrey...Part 1

This is how Audrey feels about her new Tinkerbell toilet seat. And toilets in general, I'm afraid.

Audrey does not enjoy potty "training." Once she realized that it is not an actual train she gets to ride, she's been quite resistant. Our most recent conversation about it:

Me: How about we wear undies today?
Audrey: No
Me: You're a big girl now. [3 yrs. 7 months, and 5 lbs lighter than her 7-yr-old brother]
Audrey: I'm NOT a big girl! I'm not a teenager.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mrs. Sippi

Emma asked me yesterday if she could google "7-8 year boys whose last name is Sippi." She wanted to find one to marry so that she can be "Mrs. Sippi." Just say it out loud, you'll get her drift...

Tonight I asked Audrey for a kiss. She sweetly grabbed my chin, looked in my eyes, and said, "No thanks."

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dates that Don't Count....Part 234

Lately I've been complaining about how Nathan gets to go on lots of yummy power lunches while I'm at home eating Power Bars. So tonight he "treated" me to dinner at the Walmart deli counter.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Images I never want to forget - part deux

Yesterday in primary Ry was chosen to come up front and play the rhythm sticks during the chorus of a primary song. He stood there quietly holding the sticks, so darling in his button-down shirt and corduroy pants, with his belt wrapped around twice to keep them up. And then when the chorus of the song came, he unleashed the beast! He banged those rhythm sticks so furiously that every teacher in the room giggled. I never want to forget him up there with his face as red as his hair as he beat those sticks to a pulp, to the chorus of "Follow the Prophet."

"I'm also available for weddings and bar mitzvahs..."

So the other day I heard insane noises coming from outside. (Oh - and I also heard every dog in a 1-mile radius barking and howling.) I finally discovered Ry on my master deck putting on a concert for the neighborhood. He'd dragged Emma's karaoke machine out there, got himself up on a chair (not the safest thing he's ever done, but not the most dangerous either) and was doing witch cackles, etc. with the microphone on full blast and maximum echo. And yes, he was in his pajamas.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mini Me

I think Emma has officially become more like me than I am like myself. Uh, whatever. What I mean is that she does a lot of stuff to me that I remember doing to my mom. Her newest thing is writing me notes. (I know I wrote you some doozies. Sorry, Mom.) Here are a couple of her recent ones, original spelling and all:

"I burlie can breath and my lieft eye hurts and my nose. Emma."

"Dear Mom. I'm glad your my mom. I sorry abuot all the mishif I made and all the fighting and all the mad stuff and the thing I did today. Love, Emma."

I had to include this photo because it shows another habit Emma and I share - wearing our sister's clothes. She organized this photo shoot of herself, wearing Audrey's dress as a shirt. I wasn't too thrilled about my 7-year-old borrowing clothes from her sister who is not yet 2, but I gotta give her props for at least making sure she had "sleeves."